Women in the Word Review

Congratulations! You did it!!

If you have made it this far in the study of the Women in the Word with us, we’d love to give you a big ((hug)) and let you know how much we appreciate you!

Pam and I have been leading women’s studies for years, but this was a first over the internet. We are so grateful to all of you who joined us!! We were determined to do this study, even if it was only the two of us doing it, and we were so thrilled when the Lord brought you along with us!! I think the very best part for me was the new friendships that were made on WitW’s Facebook page! The Lord just knitted our hearts together and I love how we came together from all over the world! To me, it was a gentle reminder of what we’ve got to look forward to in heaven! Won’t that day be wonderful?!  ( I echo Sue’s sentiments and am grateful for meeting all of you and praying for you and knowing you are praying for us!)

We have just one more printout to share with you to complete your study. It is a review sheet that lists each woman along with the Scripture she’s found in plus there’s space to add your impressions of her (what you will take away from your study on each one). We want to encourage you to complete this part of the study if for no other reason than to see if the next time you study one of these women that something else might jump out for you. I can honestly say, even after teaching this study in the past, the Lord still had lots to show me this time around that I hadn’t seen before! That is such a neat part of studying His Word- there is always more to learn. If you joined us late or didn’t have the opportunity to study on certain weeks, you can find the study guides right here and study at your leisure.

You can click here to print the final pages.

Pam and I will be taking a break during the month of April and will return once more on May 6th – June 28th for the second semester of the Women in the Word and hope you’ll be back to join us as well. (Sign-ups will begin on April 29th;). We will be doing an eight week study on such prominent women in the Old Testament as Ruth, Esther, Bathsheba and the Proverbs 31 woman to name a few.

We do plan to keep posting occasionally on the blog and on Facebook. Nancy would like to continue posting the prayer requests each week, and she would really appreciate you keeping her updated. Also feel free to call on us with any new prayer requests. You can get in touch with us at [email protected] I can honestly say, the time we have spent together in prayer during our study has also been another incredible blessing!

This week is Holy Week- a time when our thoughts should turn to our Savior and all He has done for us. We all have so much to celebrate all because of all He did for us!

Thank you again for joining us during this study! We hope you’ll be back for the second half of the Old Testament and then again in September for a study on 12 New Testament women.

“Til then we pray God blesses you all and your loved ones, and we’ll see you on Facebook!!

Sue & Pam

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