We’re Giving Thanks and Hiding His Word ~ M & M Monday

It’s review week! Those 5 weeks flew by, didn’t they? I have a question for you. But before we get to that, we just wanted to let you know that we’re giving thanks this month of Thanksgiving. You can join us every day on facebook as we share what we are thankful for.  You can even join in with us by adding your thanks to our posts.  M & M Monday will also be thanks focused next week.  But let’s not forget to give thanks every day of the year! Now to that question!

Have you committed to memorizing Scripture with us? This spiritual discipline will help us to grow spiritually mature but we must discipline ourselves to be diligent and faithful in this endeavor!  I haven’t memorized all 5 verses this time around nor have I used ScriptureTyper as much as I should have. Life is busy and sometimes I choose lesser things but I’m going to keep moving forward and I hope that you will as well.

If you haven’t committed to join us yet, we certainly would like you to join us.  Here’s a word from Sue about making this commitment.

 “Hey! Sue here with a quick note to encourage you if you’d like to memorize Scripture. If you know you should and know that it would be a great benefit to you but you haven’t made the commitment for whatever reason, let me just say “ditto”!  I’ve never been very good at memorizing and frankly I can usually quote a verse but can’t tell you where it is!  Or I can find it in my Bible (top righthand corner) but I’m lost in any other Bible. I know God promises He will bless our efforts and I’d really like to get better at this.

 Pam has been prodding us each week with her posts on Monday, so I’m going to make an effort FINALLY to begin to memorize God’s Word. ONLY I’ve already told Pam that I’m going to need to take baby steps. That means I’ll memorize one verse not three and I’ll be using the new aid at ScriptureTyper where you only need to type the first letter and it will fill in the word for you!! I think that with all that help, I just may be able to do this!!:) If you’d like to join me in taking baby steps, I’d love to have others along with me!!”

Well, whether you need to take baby steps or just make the commitment and do it, now’s the time to join us. Sue mentioned ScriptureTyper. At the end of every M & M Monday post, you’ll find a button that will direct you right to our Bible Memory group. You can join our group and choose your preferences. You can choose the first letter option or type out the whole word. You can also choose whether or not to type punctuation as well as the verse reference. It can be as easy or difficult as you wish it to be!

Every post also includes a picture with the verse for the week. You can download this picture as your desktop wallpaper or save it to your screen and open it when you can spend a few minutes to memorize. Sue mentioned something about one verse or three. Well, I can’t promise one only verse each week but if there is more than one verse, I’ll list two memorizing options.  And lastly, each M & M session is 5 weeks long with a week between each session for review. There you have it! If you’re new to M & M Monday, welcome!  If you have been memorizing with us or have just decided to begin, let us know in the comment section and we’ll be praying for you!

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