Too Many Cucumbers!!!!


Does anyone out there have too many cucumbers? I know I don’t! Unfortunately, our garden was not so successful this year, but my mother in law’s was! Her garden grew loads of cucumbers (I think she was running out of people to give them to!). She and I had been talking for a while about trying out some canning recipes. Neither of us is extremely experienced at it, she had made some applesauce and other pickle recipes before and I had tried my hand at some jams. This year we decided to work together to try out some new recipes. The first one we tried was a kosher dill pickle.

The recipe can be found at this link:

First, we sterilized the canning jars (quart-sized) by boiling them for 10 minutes in water deep enough to cover.

Then, we washed the cucumbers and set them aside.

Next we placed the vingear, mustard seeds, salt, water, onions, and garlic in a sauce pot and heated it on medium heat until the salt dissolved. We only had to stir a few times. Once the salt dissolves, set the pot aside to cool.

While that was heating, we cut the pickles into spears. We thought of one really cool trick for dealing with cu


cumbers that are too long for the jars (You only want them to come to the base of the neck of the jars so the brine will completely cover them). What we did was trim the length off of one end of the cucumbers to make it the correct size. We cut the spears as usual, but with the extra end we cut off, we sliced into rounds and made pickle chips for sandwiches as well!

Once the jars had finished boiling, we removed them from the water and set them aside to dry.

We placed one sprig of fresh dill in each jar and then packed the cucumbers in tightly. We poured the brine over the cucumbers covering them completely. Then we screwed on the lids and set them aside on the counter to pickle shaking them around daily to redisperse the ingredients.


The recipe says you can eat them after 3 days, but I read in some other recipes that you should let them pickle at least one week. They get crisper the longer they sit.

UPDATE: OK, so, we tried the pickles after making them and they were definitely tasty, but a bit too salty. The next recipe I plan to try is the one from the Ball website:

I’ll let you know how they turn out! In the meantime, if any of you out there have a good kosher dill recipe, please let us know!

~ Amanda

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