“There’s A Mouse In Our Bed.”

“There’s a mouse in our bed!” my husband exclaimed last night as I was brushing my teeth in the next room, getting ready to settle into that very same bed for the night.

“WHAT!” I nearly jumped out of my skin for a second, until I realized a split-second later that his tone in that statement was not one of “shock and awe,” but more like one that said, “The kids have struck again.” Those same kids that had been over all day playing.

“Hmm… 🙂 ” Let me explain.

I really can’t remember how it all started, perhaps it was a day when i really did find a little mouse running through my house, for that seems to occur at least once each fall when the temperature begins to drop. Our oldest granddaughters must have overheard me talking about it and never forgot it. They had to have questioned me further, and when I explained with gusto (borrowing a quote from  Hanna-Barbera’s, Jinksy) “I hate meeces to pieces!!”, somehow they decided to turn my aversion into a sport!! Since then they are careful to point out to me all the mice they can find in books, puzzles, games, even educational materials!! Do you know how many mice there are out there?! I never did, until they began finding them everywhere!


They not only began to look for them, their moms also got in on the game and even bought some toy mice for the girls so they could place them around my house, in my car, and even in my gifts at Christmas! They always seem to catch me when I least expect it too.

I’ve done my best to get them back, making sure I let them know that I am on to them, which is sure to encourage them all the more! I’ve even left the same mice under their pillows with a little piece of their favorite candy sitting next to it. It honestly has been great fun, especially for the girls and I’m so glad one of them had the idea to start all this.

Last night’s event started me thinking. Matthew 3:17 says~“And behold, a voice out of the heavens, saying, This is My Son, the Beloved, in whom I have found My delight.” My first thought was, “Can you just imagine hearing God speak this about you?” He not only loved Jesus, but delighted in Him. Is there a difference between loving something or someone and delighting in them? I believe there is. I love potato chips, but after dieting for months and denying myself the pleasure of eating them, I take great delight in savoring each chip when I allow myself to have them on occasion. I believe it is the same with our children. We can love them, care for them, give them all the best this world has to offer, but do we take the time to truly delight in them? Most importantly, do we convey those sentiments to our kids? When was the last time your child heard you express your absolutely delight in them? I know I need to do that somehow today.

 If you have some great ways to convey your delight in your children, I hope you’ll share it with us!

2 thoughts on ““There’s A Mouse In Our Bed.”

  1. I don’t have any children, but my friends and I do the same thing with “scary bears.” Long story. ;)The picture of the adorable mouse brought me over from the Good Morning Girls linkup. And I’m glad I stopped by. How I hope to hear someday God delights in me! Or, at least, a “well done, good and faithful servant!”

  2. Thanks so much Em for stopping by! You are our first guest to leave a comment and we really appreciate that! Another friend who read the post mentioned to me this morning that we need to convey our delight in others as well. In fact, she was going to take her husband away to one of their favorite spots this Sat. to spend some time delighting in him 🙂

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