The Old TN Trail~An 84 Mile Loop That’s Definitely Worth the Trip!


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My husband and I are pickers at heart! We love searching for old treasures and picking them up for a fraction of their original cost. Of course, we never turn around and sell any of our finds, and we do like to use what we find rather than just letting them sit to collect dust. Perhaps one day we may have to sell some of our treasures, for we’re quickly running out of space, but for now, we’re  enjoying  just searching for great finds!!

Last year one of our best finds was a small town in central Tennessee called Leiper’s Fork. It is a suburb of Nashville, and some of the Country Music stars found it first. It’s a come as you are and sit a spell kind of place that is incredibly quaint and peaceful.

One of the very first couples we met were Marty & Bruce Hunt. They are pretty much celebrities in Leiper’s Fork, for they and a man named Aubrey Preston are responsible for bringing this wonderful town back to life, and they are working to keep its charm and character alive and well.

Marty and Bruce are about the nicest, most genuine couple you will ever meet. They will instantly welcome you up on their front porch and invite you for coffee and tell you their life story if you have time. The Hunts are very typical of what you will find when you visit Leiper’s Fork.

Even Tennessee’s  Governor, Bill Haslam, stopped by to visit during a bike ride along the trail.

The day has just begun. Early morning in  Bruce & Marty’s side yard.

Some of the fantastic finds.

This guy is so creative!! I love to see what he has made out of rusty metal each year!

This is actually a biscuit table dating back to around 1850!

An eclectic grouping of things for sale.

Here the local antique dealer drives a ’56 Ford pickup to work everyday

and visitors can fill up their tanks with gas, enjoy the best fried chicken in town all while enjoying honest roots music. It’s not unusual in the evening or weekends to find the locals gathering around the fire pit at Puckett’s Grocery to play music together.

There are also some other sweet small towns along the trail and the most beautiful landscape. You’ll definitely enjoy the whole trip! Leiper’s Fork is just one of the highlights along the way!

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