The Impact of Child Sponsorship {Guest Post}

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This week, we’d like to introduce you to Emily. The Lord began to burden her heart for orphans some time ago when she and her husband began their own family. Since then, their lives have taken a number of different twists and turns and we’d like you to hear about their latest adventure! Also, if you’d like to learn more or even follow along on their adventures, you can find Emily at For The King And His Glory.

Here’s Emily:

A dear friend of mine sent me an article this past week that was recently published in Christianity Today.  It was entitled “Want to Change the World? Sponsor a Child.”  Well, of course that peaked my interest!!  While the article is a bit long, it hit on something I’d seen in Liberia but hadn’t been able to put words to just yet.  It was an Aha! moment that fueled my fire for this ministry yet again.

The article centers around this question.  ”Have you considered the impact of child sponsorship?”  This is something that I really wanted to know.  Our team at LEM is pouring hours upon hours into our child sponsorship program.  I want it to have lasting impact.  I want it to CHANGE LIVES!  I don’t want our efforts to be wasted!

A research team set out to look at one organization in particular, Compassion International.  They have over 1.4 million sponsored children in 26 countries and have been operating for decades.  So they have a ministry that can actually be measured.  What these researchers found was phenomenal.

  • Sponsorship makes children 27-40 percent more likely to complete secondary school; 50-80 percent more likely to complete college.  I’d say that’s pretty good odds considering so many of their kids are in third world countries!
  • Children have higher expectations for their own schooling.
  • They have higher expectations for employment as an adult.
  • They have higher levels of optimism and overall happiness.

But it was this paragraph that led me to my light bulb moment. Wess Stafford, president of Compassion, said this:     ”Poverty causes children to have very low self-esteem, low aspirations.  The big difference that sponsorship makes is that it expands children’s views about their own possibilities.  Many of these children don’t think they are capable of much.  We help them realize that they are each given special gifts from God to benefit their communities, and we try to develop aspirations for their future.” He summed it all up in one word.


That’s what I saw lacking in some of these children we met.  They were completely hopeless!  All they saw was poverty.  People scraping together their $2 a day in wages to feed their families.  Mothers dying in childbirth.  Fathers leaving to look for work in a country that has 85% unemployment and never returning.  Living with the belief that all their future held was filling potholes with dirt and then waving at cars begging them to drop money out of the window for the service.  That’s NORMAL for them!! That should never be normal!!!  And while many of the children we met had joy unspeakable, many were just plain hopeless.  THAT is what we are out to change.

When one of our children gets sponsored, they are given hope for a future!  Education is their ticket out of poverty, because education gives them hope for a job, a way to provide for themselves and their family.  It offers them the chance to actually succeed at something.  It raises their self-esteem and gives them something to be proud of.  But most importantly, education at the LEM school gives them JESUS.  His truth is woven through every lesson, every assignment, every book.  The children are shown who they are in Christ and that by trusting in Him, they have HOPE in this life because this life is not the end of their story!  When they see Him and surrender to Him, they know that whatever they face on this Earth is temporary and their forever will be spent at the feet of the One who gave everything to save them.

So, want to change the world?  Sponsor a child.  You may not be able to tell them about Jesus yourself, but you can place them in a school with people who will.  Offer them a new perspective on their future.  Offer them greater self-esteem.  Offer them a chance to succeed.

Offer them HOPE.

“For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord.  Plans to prosper you and not to harm you.  Plans to give you HOPE and a FUTURE.”  –Jeremiah 29:11

Emily from For Our King and His GloryAbout Emily

Emily is a wife and mom of three crazy kiddos. She moved in 2009 to the place of her dreams–the beach!! She is passionate about orphan care and adoption and prays each day for Jesus to make her more like Him (He has his hands full with that one). This blog is here to tell the stories of her trip to Liberia in 2013 and to highlight the beautiful children needing support through the Light Evangelism Ministry Child Sponsorship Program.

You can find out more on For Our King and His Glory


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2 thoughts on “The Impact of Child Sponsorship {Guest Post}

  1. I will be praying for your joy in helping orphaned children. I to love children very much!! I have custody of 4 of my grandchildren and it has been a joy for me in teaching them about The Lord.
    While I cannot reach out very far distance wise I have been able to reach out right here in my own community.
    I really admire what you are doing and I know God will bless it abundantly.
    God Bless you and your family

  2. Yes, each of us should have at least one child from somewhere in the world with whom to love and pray for. We started with Foster Parents and had a child for at least 10 years. Now we have one through Helping Hands – Sierra Leone.
    Praying that others will reach out and lend a hand.

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