The choice is yours …

We really don’t see or hear much from Bathsheba as her story unfolds in 2 Samuel 11 and 12. We’re left to read between the lines to glean “who” she is and what her life was like prior to the incident. We can only imagine how she felt and dealt with the outcome of David’s sin.  It was pretty much the same with Michal’s story with maybe a few added details that give us a glimpse into her character early on. But later in their lives, we’re given a picture of who they had become and what became of them. Both Bathsheba and Michal experienced circumstances that were beyond their control. One loved David and that love was never reciprocated. She was just the means to make him the son-in-law of the king . The other was the victim of one lustful glance acted upon that turned her life upside down. (Yes, there is much debate on whether Bathsheba was innocent in this episode but I believe that the facts of the text point to David being the guilty party.) But that is where the similarities end.

We know how their stories ended.  Bitterness led Michal to despise David as he worshiped God.  Her epitaph reads “And Michal daughter of Saul had no children to the day of her death.”  Bathsheba, on the other hand, accepted David’s comfort after the death of her son despite the fact that his sin was the reason the Lord took the child. She could easily have despised him as he had abused his power and sinned against her. It takes a godly woman to forgive such an offense and it made all the difference in Bathsheba’s life as she seems to have been the favored wife whose son would inherit the throne of his father.  How interesting to read of these women in David’s life and see the similarities and differences. But it’s not just an interesting read. It speaks volumes to each one of us.

Their stories of an era past raise a few questions for us as we walk through our own lives.  How will we respond to the circumstances that will be an inevitable part of our life’s journey – circumstances permitted by the hand of our Sovereign God?  Will they make us or break us?  Will we become bitter or better? Will we draw closer to Christ or move away from Him? Will we surrender to His will or rebel? How are you responding to the circumstances you face today?  The choice is yours …..

Romans 15 13

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