The BEST Potty-trainer!!

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The World’s Greatest Potty-trainer!


I used to think the worst job of any parent was potty-training!! I dreaded it when my children were growing up and still did when it was our grandchildren’s turn, that was however, until we found the world’s best potty-trainer!!

Several years ago now, John and I were traveling home from vacation and decided to stop for lunch. Just next door from the restaurant was an antique store, so we decided to go in and take a look around before getting started again, and there it was!! All shiny and in great workng condition. At that time our third grandchild was just getting to the age when we would have to start potty-training and so I hit upon the idea to turn this antique gumball machine into the potty-trainer!! After all, I’d tried just about everything else at that point.

It not only worked, it worked in just ONE day!! 

The next child in line took just a few days!!

I haven’t read all the expert have to say on it. We may be breaking a few rules, but as long as it works, I’m going to keep on using it! I would recommend you wait until they’re ready and then give it a shot!

jack money

Reaching in for a Quarter

 Once their business is done they head for the drawer with the quarters.



Place the quarter into the slot.

 Turn the handle until they hear their treasure fall.

Lift the lid and collect their reward.


Celebrate! “WE DID IT!!”

(Aaah.. success is definitely sweet!) 🙂

 ‘Til next time, sue


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