The BEST Mom Is One Who…

The BEST Mom is One Who...Have you ever read the poem THE HAND THAT ROCKS THE CRADLE IS THE HAND THAT RULES THE WORLD by William Ross Wallace (1819-1881)?

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Mr. Wallace knew how valuable the role of a mother was. He knew mothers were the makers of the next generation. For better or worse, they are busy molding and shaping the next generation. Unfortunately, it seems that the world has devalued the role of mothers since. We’re often encouraged that only women who can juggle motherhood plus other things, such as a career, are the only moms worthy to be honored. We’re also being inundated with such advice as: “You need ‘Me Time’”, and so on; but not all advice is godly advice! It may sound right for the moment but later, it may lead to regrets!This is why we need to turn to the Creator who made us and to His Word to make sure the wisdom we’re following is godly wisdom that won’t ever leave us with regrets one day!

Hannah, from the book of 1 Samuel, is a great place to begin to learn about the roles of mom. Though we only gain a glimpse of her life, there is sufficient evidence that testifies to at least three characteristics that makes one mom better than all the rest:

The BEST Mom is one who is devoted to God!

“Then Hannah prayed and said:

“My heart rejoices in the Lord;
in the Lord my horn is lifted high.
My mouth boasts over my enemies,
for I delight in your deliverance.

“There is no one holy like the Lord;
there is no one besides you;
there is no Rock like our God.”
1Samuel 2:1-2

Hannah’s story opens by revealing her struggles with the pain of infertility and adversity. Hannah was not only barren; she had to share her husband with another woman who was able to bare children. And to make matters worse, she also had to endure the pain of Peninnah’s cruelty (1:6-7). Though Hannah was tempted to despair (1:8), she turned to the Lord, and poured out her heart to Him (1:9-16)

The BEST Mom is one who is devoted to her man!

“A wife of noble character…
is worth far more than rubies.

Her husband has full confidence in her
and lacks nothing of value.
She brings him good, not harm,
all the days of her life.”
 Proverbs 31:10-12

It may surprise most to learn that “the most important characteristic of a godly mother is her relationship, not with her children, but with her husband. What you communicate to your children through your marital relationship will stay with them for the rest of their lives. By watching you and your husband, they are learning the most fundamental lessons of life–love, self-sacrifice, integrity, virtue, sin, sympathy, compassion, understanding, and forgiveness.” John MacArthur

We can see that Elkanah and Hannah were dedicated to worshiping God (1:3) and to loving one another (1:4-8). Their situation of being unable to have children only helped to bring out Elkanah’s tender expressions of love for his wife. Notice how Elkanah appeals to their enjoyment of their relationship together in 1 Samuel 1:8; “Hannah, why do you weep and why do you not eat and why is your heart sad? Am I not better to you than ten sons?” It may appear at first that Elkanah doesn’t quite get it until we see that Hannah starts to eat and drink again and then goes off to the temple in verse 9. Children can flourish when their parents’ love for one another is evident.

The BEST Mom is one who is devoted to her children!

“She looks well to the ways of her household,
And does not eat the bread of idleness.
 Her children rise up and bless her;
Her husband also, and he praises her, saying:
“Many daughters have done nobly,
But you excel them all.”
Proverbs 31:27-29

 Hannah recognized immediately Who had given her Samuel:“And Elkanah had relations with Hannah his wife, and the Lord remembered her. It came about in due time, after Hannah had conceived, that she gave birth to a son; and she named him Samuel, saying, “Because I have asked him of the Lord.” (1 Samuel1:19-20) She named her son in remembrance of God’s goodness.

Hannah also remained committed to her home and to caring for and raising Samuel to the point that she would not make the trip back to the temple until it was time to give Samuel back to the Lord. She ultimately understood that all children belong to the Lord and are only given to us for a certain amount of time. For some mothers, their children are already with the Lord waiting to be reunited with their parents once more. Other mothers will be able to love and care for them their entire lives, but there comes a time in each mother’s life when she must recognize, like Hannah, that her children ultimately belong to God. They are a gift from the Lord, but only for a time known only by Him. We’ve got to remember Hannah’s example and do our utmost for our family and be the best we can be for as long as we’re able.

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