The Art of Seducing Your Husband

Then after a time Potiphar’s wife cast her eyes upon Joseph, and she said, ‘Lie with me’, but he refused and said to his master’s wife, ‘See here, with me in the house my master has concern about nothing; he has put all that he has in my care…How then can I do this great evil and sin against God?’And though she spoke to Joseph day after day to lie with her, he refused to go to bed with her or even be with her.

One day he went into the house to attend to his duties,… she caught him by his cloak and said, ‘Come to bed with me!’ But he left his cloak in her hand and ran out of the house.”Genesis 39:7-12

The Art of Seducing Your Husband“Day after day”?! This gal doesn’t seem to take no for an answer!! Just imagine if she had focused all that energy on Mr. Potiphar! In fact, when I think of Mrs. P, my thoughts go back to an amazing week with one of my closest friends at the time. It was back when no one ever heard of something called a cell-phone before. Tammi was so incredibly talented, a great motivator and an even better teacher. She taught me so much back then, but that week, I got to teach her a few things!  In fact, our whole week changed with just one phone call from my husband. Actually, it was his second call in a matter of a couple of hours that set the course for the rest of the week!!

“Hey love!… Yah, Tammi is still here…Yup, we’re right in the middle of things here. … Everything going OK? … OK. Love ya!” Hung up the phone. “I’m sorry Tammi, that was John again. Now where were we?”

“Does he always call you that often?”

“Hmm..” I hadn’t really thought much about it, but for as long as we’d been married, John would call whenever he had a minute which was usually two or three times each day. Up until that moment I just assumed all husbands called their wives several times throughout the work day. “Well yah… actually about two or three times each day, when he has a minute.”

“I wish Zach would call me. He never calls. In fact he’s on a business trip this week, and I haven’t talked to him since he left on Monday! I don’t even know which hotel he’s staying at or how to reach him!”

Now, I know what you’re thinking, for I thought the same thing, but I wasn’t going to go there! In fact, looking back I think the Lord took over our conversation at this point, and I ended up saying, “Well, what does he hear on the other end of the line when he calls?”

Tammi just sat there looking at me sort of dazed, so I continued. ” You’ve got to make him want to call home. When was the last time he heard how crazy you are about him, or how much you are missing him and want him to hurry home because he is going to be in BIG trouble when he walks in the door, so he better conserve his strength for that moment!?”

Tammi was still a bit dazed, but as the conversation continued on this vein, I learned that Zach wouldn’t be coming home ‘til Friday night, which was still two days away and better yet, his plane wasn’t due to land until 7:15 PM, which meant by the time he collected his luggage, found his car, drove home it would be 8:30, and their kids would be fast asleep! Perfect for what we were now scheming to do!

First, I instructed Tammi to start speaking sweet nothings to him on the phone when he did call and drop little hints that she was planning a very special night when he got home. (It turned out she didn’t need much coaching in this area, which you’ll soon discover a bit later.)

The next day we went shopping. Back then, department stores didn’t carry much of the “intimate lingerie” that we were looking for. We had to frequent a “specialty shop” and there just happened to be one downtown on a side street!  So, our first stop was to this little “specialty store”. It’s really too bad no one was filming us at the time, for it would have made for some lively entertainment. We drove by the store super slowly trying to peer into the store windows. One would have thought we were window-shopping from inside our car, but we were actually trying to muster up the courage to park and go inside!

We did park, but much farther down the street, just in case anyone we knew happened by, and then o so causally strolled down the street, trying to look at everything and anything, but that store sign! When we finally reached the door, we quickly darted inside. It was then like the scene in the Wizard of Oz, where Dorothy opens the door and catches her first glimpse of Oz. Our eyes grew as big as saucers! We had never seen anything like this before! They had things we had never even thought of in our wildest dreams!!

Tammi got right to work and found a very seductive little outfit that seemed to flatter all her best features, which is so important, for when you feel beautiful, you will be. Of course, she didn’t model it for me. I simply took her word for it, for I was busy making sure Zach was not the only husband who would benefit from our trip!!

Once the outfits were purchased, we went off to pick up some candles, sweet music, and everything for a very romantic dinner for two. This was going to be a night, Zach would never forget!!

Friday finally came, and that afternoon, Tammi and I talked and laughed on the phone, making sure everything was ready; kids were running around outside so that they’d go off to bed early and sleep soundly all night! Dinner was all set, everything was in place, and she promised me she had talked to Zach several times on the phone dropping little hints of just what he could expect when he walked in the door. In fact, she admitted that he had called her more in the last two days than he had on any prior business trip. Everything was ready, and we were acting like two giddy school girls! My final words to her that day were “Call me in the morning and let me know how it goes!!”

The next morning I was up early and immediately looked at the clock. It was only going for 6AM, way too early to call. I tried to keep busy, but my eyes kept looking up at the clock: 7:00…7:25… 8! “OK, she should be calling any minute.” Nine… 9:30 … 10:05…10:35… 11! “That’s it! She completely forgot to call!! I can’t believe she’d forget to call me! I’m calling…”


“Um…Zach!” “O no! It’s Zach!” “O, hey Zach! How was your trip?”

“Great, Yah, it was a great trip.”

Hmm… he sounds happy” , “Oh great! Well, I was just wondering if I could speak to Tammi for a minute. Is Tammi around?”

“Tammi’s still in bed. I let her sleep in this morning and got the kids breakfast and all, but she should be getting up by now. Hang on, I’ll get her.”

“Still sleeping!? Zach is up with the kids and she’s still sleeping after his business trip?” Suddenly…

“Got it, Zach!” “click”  Drowsily Tammi stated, “You ought to write a book!”


“Except when you do, you should tell them to forget about dinner and just focus on the rest of the evening!”


Tammi then went on to tell me how she had everything ready. Every candle in the house was burning, the music was playing low, table was set, and dinner was ready keeping warm in the oven. She was all freshened, dressed and propped in a pose on the couch. Only, when Zach opened the door, he left his suitcases there, went straight over to Tammi, scooped her up and carried her up the stairs to their bedroom. Their house had one of those grand staircases in the entranceway, and all I could picture was a scene right out of Gone with the Wind!

By the time they got hungry, dinner was way over cooked, and so they snacked on cheese and crackers and fruit and didn’t fall asleep until 4AM which was why Zach let her sleep in!  She claimed it had been the most romantic night of their lives!

If only Mrs. P. could have known how much fun it is to seduce your own husband…


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11 thoughts on “The Art of Seducing Your Husband

  1. This is wonderful. Thanks for sharing. I don’t have many friends who are happily married so it’s nice to hear from other women. My husband and I talk and text many times throughout the day. Even if it’s just to say “I love you”. 🙂

    • Hey Jamie! Thank you so much for visiting and leaving a comment! Your friends are a large reason why we began this blog!! Praying for those friends today and hoping they will soon find out how very much fun marriage can be when they choose to do things God’s way!
      Blessings, sue

  2. What a fun post!! Motivating for sure!! 🙂 How often am I led by the spirit when answering the phone?? Hmmm. Initially I thought all the time…. But when I’m at work and my husband calls?? Am I rushing the call or making the most of my 30 seconds? Hmmm…. Thought provoking!

    Thanks for linking up with Into the Word!

    • Hey Falen! Thanks for picking up on that!! This post was truly meant as a fun post to remind us that He and we are blessed when we pursue the mate God has given us! Thanks so much for stopping by!
      God bless, sue

  3. So great! I love this story and it’s just a testament to what is sown – we will reap. How many times do wives wonder if what they’re talking about to their husbands will lift those men up? (and visa-versa)

  4. My Beloved is stuck out in West Texas for a few more weeks (he’s been gone since Feb 3r), and I have been, well, basically torturing him with sweet nothings, and we both look forward to his return home. You are right–seducing our husbands is wonderful!

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