Taming the Laundry Mountain :)

Confession: I am a procrastinator. I am not a load a day kind of girl. I much prefer to get all my laundry folded and put away in one day. I usually let the clean clothes pile build up in a laundry basket (and over and around the basket) before feeling an urgency to have a laundry day.

~For those of you like me, this is just a quick helpful tip for taming that mountain of laundry. I have my big four sit around and toss them their clothes. They in turn hang up and put away their belongings. The little two will also help put away what they can though I do put their things on hangers for them. You can make it fun by listening to some fun music (Hide ‘Em In Your Heart by Steve Green- Both volumes are really good, and they are learning God’s Word).

P.S. This picture is a bit old and a very monstrous pile indeed (though we are doing laundry for 8).


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