T2 Women’s First GIVEAWAY Contest!! :)

Hey All!

We are celebrating here at T2 Women!!

Last week we published our 50th post and it’s been an amazing journey thus far! Never did we envision all that has been happening, yet we know we’re only getting started!! We have so many things planned for the next few months; so many neat ideas for the fall and winter seasons! We are going to be featuring the Mennonite community as well as some of the local antique dealers, gardeners, and artists just to name a few, and each has agreed to share their expertise with us. We hope to have something for every woman on here very soon!!

To thank those of you who have already signed up to follow us and to encourage other readers to do so, we are offering a small gift giveaway!! If you signed up to receive our posts each week, or if you have “liked” our Facebook page you are already entered into the contest!! If you are one of our many, many visitors each day, we want to encourage you to sign up by leaving your email address on our home page.  so that we can enter you into our giveaway as well. Also if you will share this post on Facebook or send it along to friends we’ll add your name to the hat twice! We wish it were possible to bless all of you for the blessing you’ve been to us, but we promise this will be just the first of many giveaways here.

We thought with the Holidays right around the corner, this would be a perfect time to give away the book:

The Joy of Hospitality by Vonette Bright and Barbara Ball.THE JOY OF HOSPITALITY


This book is filled with ideas, check-lists, schedules, menu suggestions, sample invitations and advice–everything you could possibly need to help you host a great brunch, coffee, dessert, or dinner party in your home!! Whether you’ve wanted to entertain in your home for a while or have been for years and could use a few new ideas, you are going to love this book!!

To make sure you are included in our giveaway, please, please make sure we have your email address by signing up on our home page or liking us on Facebook. And if you’ve shared our site with friends, please let us know in the comments, and we’ll enter your name twice!

On Monday, OCT 15th  we’ll announce the winner!! 

Thank you for joining us here at T2 Women!!

God bless you all!!

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