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We had so many great 4th of July posts linked this past week at One Sharendipity Place that we decided to share them with you tonight!  If you’re looking for some great craft, food or activity ideas, be sure to visit these bloggers.  Let them know you’re visiting from One Sharendipity Place!  We’ll be back once again Friday night with our weekly features and link up party.  Until then, enjoy your week!


 One Sharendipity Place Fourth of July Features

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1)  You can find the directions for this 4th of July Wreath over at Atop Serenity Hill.

2) OH mrs. tucker shares what you need to know about flying the US Flag with this primer.

3) You’ll find these 15 Patriotic Foods over at I Dig Pinterest.

4) Check out this patriotic tree from Grandparents Plus.

5) Tastes of Lizzy T shared this Patriotic Layered Taco Dip.

6) and 8)  Crafts, games, decorations and food favorites from Grandparents Plus.

7) Visit We Made That to learn how to make this wind chime.

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