Praying Through Ephesians ~ Ephesians 5:28-6:4

Praying Through Ephesians ~ Ephesians 5:28-6:4

Father, I know our enemy is out to not only destroy the union of marriage between a man and a woman, but also the testimony, or rather the beautiful picture that a marriage portrays of the union between You, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. He is cunningly and deceptively not only destroying the sanctity of marriage and all that represents, but families in the process.

Therefore, I come and bow my head and heart before You today to ask that we would seek to please You always by living in harmony — being of the same mind and purpose with each other, loving one another, and working together in a mutual bond of peace.  I pray we wouldn’t act selfishly, or try to impress others, but would walk humbly, thinking of others as better than ourselves, and wouldn’t look out only for our own interests, but look to the interests of others as well, especially our mates.

May we share the same attitude that Christ Jesus had, when though He was God in every way, did not think equality with You as something to cling to, but instead, He gave up His divine privileges and took the humble position of a slave being born as a human being and further humbled Himself in obedience to You by choosing to suffer and die a horrific criminal’s death on a cross.

Father, I come asking for Your help in causing me to forever reverence the man You have giving me to share this life with. Convict me and forgive me when I fail at times to show the proper respect to my husbands especially in front of him or others. Fill me with Your Spirit, Father so that I may always honor and esteem, appreciate and in the human sense, admire, praise and be devoted to him. May I deeply love, and enjoy my husband, and rather than being overly concerned with the fading outward adornments, may I be more concerned with the inward, incorruptible and unfading beauty of a gentle and peaceful spirit, which is very precious in Your sight.

Father, forgive me when I fail to honor my parents for I know how important this is to You, for You have made this the first commandment with a promise that it all go well with us and that we might live long on the earth. Cause me to always be grateful for the sacrifices they made in giving me life period these days. May I always esteem them in the eyes of my children and others and seek to love and bless them as long as I am able to.

Help me to always walk in a manner worthy of You before my children, causing me to set a godly example for them to follow. Help me not to irritate and provoke my children to anger, but rear them tenderly in the discipline and counsel of the Lord Jesus Christ. I pray they will grow to love You and follow hard after You and lead others to do the same, for it is in name of Your Son I ask all this entrusting it all to You.   Amen.



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