14 thoughts on “Mighty God

  1. Gorgeous – and especially appropriate for me today as I was abruptly woken this morning by a HUGE crack of thunder! So grateful God is even mightier than that! Have a blessed day.

  2. This is actually Shannon Falls near Squamish B.C. along the sea-to-sky highway. We were blessed with a few days to ourselves and were able to enjoy some of the beautiful sites around Vancouver and Sechelt. I am so glad you were blessed by this picture! God’s handiwork always amazes me!!!

    • OH… and my favorite falls are the ones along Columbia River, especially Multnomah Falls. I have posted re: that a number of times. God has so used those falls to touch me and draw me to Him and His glorious colorful life. I have photos here, AND a woven one we purchased about 25 years ago, created by an artist who did Mulnomah and Mt. Hood when she was with her husband out there while he was a U.P. worker. And she ended up with them here in Omaha, after winning blue ribbons at the fair grounds near Portland. We just happened to be in the right place at the right here in Omaha to see them and recognize what they were and jump into that great artistic element. They are on my walls. Maybe gotta take a photo of them one of these days and post them and share them with people.

      As I often say, now I’ll shut up and go away. [A yammerer I am.] But your photo’s a blessing. And to know it is in the NW area, that got my heart jumping your direction…

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