Making a Commitment

I have often found myself being prodded to memorize Scripture. I know that it’s an important spiritual discipline that God instructs us to engage in.  I know that the benefits to hiding God’s Word in my heart are immeasurable. I’ve often thought what if one day I didn’t have such easy access to God’s Word as I do today?  That surely seems highly unlikely in this technological era but nothing is guaranteed!  Or what if, in my later years, my eyesight fails and I’m unable to read the Word of God but have only what I’ve stored within? So I’ve made the decision to memorize the Word.  Over. And over. And over again. I start off strong and then fall away.  Each time I make the commitment and fail, the harder it is to commit again. The excitement that accompanied that first decision to commit to memorizing has long since disappeared but the proddings to memorize and the reality that making such a commitment is beneficial remain. So I begin again – right here, right now as the ‘M & M’ Monday series begins here on the T2 Women blog.

I really didn’t expect to be making this commitment right now.  But this I do know – the Lord is calling me to make it and in obedience I’ll walk forward knowing my only victory will come as He enables me to commit to memory His Word and to stick to my commitment.

How about you?  Is He calling you to begin again to memorize His Word? Then why don’t you join me this coming Monday.

7 thoughts on “Making a Commitment

  1. OK ! I was going to let this one go by “for my memory is not what it used to be” , but Mt 19:26 came to me this morning, “Jesus … answered them, ‘With man this is impossible, but all things are possible with God!’ ” especially memorizing His Word I’m thinking. 🙂 So, I’ll take you up on the challenge and look forward to seeing what our first verse is this Monday!! Thanks Pam!

  2. Memorizing God’s word is an important action for every Christian. The few times when I have committed to memorizing scripture have resulted in increased knowledge and power through the Holy Spirit because of the scriptures I quote throughout various situations. I realize I am so lacking in this area. Therefore, I too join you in this commitment to memorize scripture. Thanks Pam for the leading on this!

  3. Ladies, thanks for joining me in this commitment to memorize our Father’s Word. It surely will be impossible without Him! Sue, I was reminded of Psalm 121 after reading your comment. “Where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth,” I surely need His help in obeying consistently His leading to memorize and to help me remember! Laura, having His Word on our lips to lead and guide us throughout life is the greatest benefit to making this commitment. Thanks for sharing how memorizing Scripture has helped you. I’ll be praying that we seek His help daily to accomplish what He’s called us to do.

  4. Well, I learned a lot of great lessons from my parents….and I’m pretty sure it was because they were repeated over and over again, until they became second hand knowledge. After many years, I may not remember what they had said word for word but the impression is lasting and useful. Memorizing verses from our Holy Father I believe works in the same (but more perfect) way for me. When I “get them in the right way” (memorizing from Scripture), they become a true, untainted, spiritual guidance that over time, even if my memory fails to recall His exact words, they live within me ready for my body to pull out their nutrients to accomplish any part of His Will…oh I would only obey! So, OK, I’m ready to for some good nutrition! Bring on M&M Mondays ☺

  5. What excites me the most about this commitment to memorizing scripture is the powerful outcomes that will be evident in our lives. God’s word is alive, powerful, and life giving/life sustaining. As we take in God’s precious word, our hearts, minds, body, and very being will be transformed!! How exciting! After the first week I already have found things in the verse that has awakened things inside me. Thank you Lord for this opportunity!

  6. Glad to have found this–thanks for linking up at Do Not Depart. It’s always encouraging to hear of other Christians making the commitment to memorize the Word. Memorizing doesn’t come real easy for me, but I’ve definitely been blessed by it. I see that you’re already being blessed by it as well (reading through your more recent posts…). I appreciate you sharing!

  7. Thanks Lisa! I appreciate all that you and the ladies at Do Not Depart share to encourage ladies to abide in Christ. It definitely has been a blessing thus far to see how the Lord uses His Word in my life and in the lives of others. Thanks for visiting our site.

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