Kebel Korner ~ More than Just Another Consignment Shop!

I introduced you to Kebel Galleries and shared a few pictures from Kebel Korner in my last post. Today, I have more to share about my recent visit to Kebel Korner.  The entrance to Kebel is a door on the right side of the flower shop entrance. As you climb a short set of stairs, you’ll find yourself on a small corner landing where you’ll see a small table with flowers, note cards introducing Kebel Consignors and a lit candle that gives you the sense that you are about to enter a shop that is relaxing and special.  At the top of the second short flight of stairs, you’ll enter a small foyer. In this area, there is another glimpse of what awaits you as you enter the shop itself.  As you turn left, you enter Kebel Korner which is literally at the corner of the building. As you walk through the open door, a room filled with an array of handcrafted items enters your vision. On the right hand side of the doorway against the wall, you’ll notice a tea table – an important fixture in the room as you’ll soon see.

The day we visited, we found Laura working on business behind her desk. Other times, she can be found working on some of the many items that she personally handcrafts. A walk around the shop brings you to various displays which highlight the artisans and artists who consign with Kebel. You can read about Kebel’s consignors and their work in small photo journals displayed alongside their product. There is truly something for everyone at Kebel! But Kebel is so much more than just another consignment shop. It is much more than just a business for Laura. She will tell you that the “heart of Kebel is service and providing a ‘refreshing well’ for customers and consignors.” Most consignors are in need of money to run their households and Kebel gives them a place to consign their goods and receive encouragement, hope and help.  For customers, it’s a place that Laura says allows them to feel connected, offers them a place to relax (remember the tea table) and just makes them feel good. As for the future of Kebel Galleries, only the Lord knows but don’t be surprised if you see Kebel Korners in various communities around the state. You can visit Kebel Corner at 712 Mast Road in Pinardville which is located between Manchester and Goffstown New Hampshire. Store hours are Tuesday through Friday 10 am to 6 pm and Saturday 9 am to 5 pm.  You can also connect with Kebel Galleries through their website ( or facebook (


For Laura, Kebel is truly a ministry and that is evident as Laura speaks about Kebel. We are all called to minister wherever we are planted but there is something very special about Kebel and what the Lord is doing there. I’ll conclude with these words from Laura that show just part of what the Lord is doing through Laura and Kebel Korner.  “This tea table has become a vital part of God’s plan with the boutique. Recently, I had the opportunity to share the Gospel with an elderly woman who has come in over the past several months regularly to visit. I watched as she teared up hearing about God’s love for her. Every visit is an opportunity to show Christ and to bring hope.” To God be the glory!



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2 thoughts on “Kebel Korner ~ More than Just Another Consignment Shop!

  1. Thank you so much for sharing and encouraging the rest of us to step out in faith and use the God given gifts and talents to reach out and bless others. I do pray He will bless you and this business for His glory!! sue

  2. Kebel Korner has blessed me beyond measure. It has taught me a lot about buying local, supporting people who create with their hands, and watching God use everyday people like Laura to serve those around her. She is a gift to all who consign in her shop and to all who purchase these amazing products from Kebel Korner.

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