Enjoying this season

Something the Lord really brought to mind last Autumn was the fact that, in my lifetime, I will only be able to enjoy a certain number of Autumns, Springs… Each season is a gift from the Lord to be enjoyed and cherished to the fullest. We know life is short. Let us enjoy each shower of falling leaves, every burst of vibrant color, the crisp mornings and evening bonfires.

May we always enjoy to the fullest the gift God has given us in today!

Contributed by Waverly

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5 thoughts on “Enjoying this season

  1. Liked for thoughts. This was on Good Morning Girls this morning, and I thought it is a very good phrase.”What if you only woke up today with only the things that you thanked God for yesterday.” Thought somehow you may be able to us it. Love ya.

  2. A limited number of seasons…this can be a sobering thought, but also a welcome thought. Reminding us to enjoy each day and each season, for it may be our last. Beautiful thoughts. I hopped over from The Sunday Community at Deidra’s place.

  3. A great reminder! I just came in from a crisp, approaching twilight walk outside. The time change means I need to take my walk earlier in the afternoon. Another sign that the season has changed.
    Life is good.

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