Easter Scavenger Hunt! ~ Keeping Christ in Our Celebration!

Here is a fun activity to do with your little ones that will also remind them of the true reason we celebrate Easter!

If you are like our family in that you want your children to enjoy Easter and not miss out on any fun, yet still want them to remember the reason we celebrate this Holiday, here’s a way for you to do just that!

First you will need “the Treasure”-Easter baskets, or gift bags filled with your Easter gifts for your children! Once they are filled, you’ll need to set them in a prominent spot in one of your closets in your home.

Next, you’ll need 8 plastic colored eggs, the printouts we’ve provide here,  scissors, tape and a permanent marker to mark each egg with a number if you wish.

Clue Sheets

Each clue includes verses that will take them through the Easter story from Palm Sunday to Easter morning, and each clue goes along with the verse! (I tried to make each spot in the hunt a place we’d all have in our homes, but if one doesn’t work, you can always change it.)

You’ll need to print out these sheets, and cut into strips!

Simply cut each strip that includes the clue, fold them in half, and roll it up!

Then place the clue into a plastic egg!

(It may help to number them so that you can remember which egg holds each clue)

Treasure Found Inside!!

Finally, print and hang the poster that tells them it’s time to celebrate on the closet door! When it’s time to start the fun, simply hand the first egg to the children and watch them go!!

I hope your children will have as much fun as ours do remembering the story of Easter!!

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Here are the Easter Scavenger Hunt printouts: Clue Sheets, Poster (Color Background), Poster (White Background)






9 thoughts on “Easter Scavenger Hunt! ~ Keeping Christ in Our Celebration!

  1. Great idea — kids would love this! Very appropriate ending at the empty tomb. Thanks for sharing on Busy Monday!

    • Thank you Katie for sharing with us! It’s a blessing to know others are using this to spread the Good news of the Gospel with the little ones at Easter!

  2. Thanks Kim! It was so much fun!! I may have to change up the clues a bit for this year, for our grands still intend to celebrate the same way this year only I’ve been told to make the clues much harder!! 🙂

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