Delicious Homemade Applesauce

I have a dear friend who always makes homemade applesauce. We get to enjoy this delicious applesauce each time we visit. This weekend I made some homemade applesauce of my own using her directions with apples from my parents apple trees. Though it took a few hours to cook (about 5), it was really did not require much of my time.

I quartered and cored about 30 apples. (Next time I will peal them as well and feed the peels to our chickens.:)

I placed them in a large stock pot, set the heat on low/simmer, and covered them with the lid.

About every hour, I checked on them and stirred until they were very tender and falling apart.

At this point I poured the mushy apples into a colander set over a larger bowl to catch the applesauce.

Next I pressed the apples through the colander. (This is where peeling the apples would have saved quite a bit of time.)

Finally I added just a bit of sugar. It really didn’t take much maybe an eighth of a cup.

It is delicious and my little girl said, “Mama this is the best applesauce I have ever tasted!” I used York apples, and she uses Lodi; but any kind of baking apple can work. Cooking time, color and sugar will vary based on the apples used. Store in the refrigerator or it can be also frozen in freezer bags and thawed when needed. Enjoy! 🙂

~ Waverly

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