Building Up Your Home ~ Part 5 ~ Prioritize!

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Despite all of today’s modern technology that has made our lives easier, we still seem pressed to complete all we have to do within 24 hours! I will be honest with you, I could write volumes on this one area, and trying to condense it all into one page is going to be tough!

This is an issue that has hindered women for centuries! The Bible gives us a great example through the story of two sisters, Martha and Mary, and what each did when unexpected guest came for dinner. Luke 10:39-42:

 “As Jesus and his disciples were on their way, He came to a village where a woman named Martha opened her home to Him.  Martha had a sister named Mary, who seated herself at the Lord’s feet and was listening to His teaching. But Martha [overly occupied and too busy] was distracted with much serving; and she came up to Him and said, Lord, is it nothing to You that my sister has left me to serve alone? Tell her then to help me [to lend a hand and do her part along with me]!

But the Lord replied to her by saying, Martha, Martha, you are anxious and troubled about many things; There is need of only one or but a few things. Mary has chosen the good portion [that which is to her advantage], which shall not be taken away from her.”

Which sister can you most identify with? What would you do if honored guests suddenly showed up at your home for dinner?

Mary seats her guests and takes a seat as well on the floor so she can enjoy the conversation. Not only is Mary oblivious to everything else around her, but Jesus goes on to explain later on that she has chosen “the good portion” or the “best”.

Martha, on the other-hand, is running around frantically trying to prepare and serve dinner. I’m sure she’s back there trying to tidy up, pull out the good dishes and cut some fresh flowers for the table, all while fixing dinner for these important guests. She could use a little help, and her sister is over there doing nothing, but sitting and getting to enjoy their guest! Is she the only one aware of this? Surely, Jesus of all people can see this, and Martha, in her frantic attempt to serve others, lashes out at the Master and accuses Him of not caring!

I can so relate to Martha, can you? I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve found myself running around, trying to “multi-task” and end up exhausted, frustrated, and lashing out at those who mean the most to me. Entertaining guests is just one example, however. There is something very important in this story that I don’t want you to miss out on. Each day we have a number of choices to make right down to what time we’ll start the day. What Martha chose to do wasn’t a bad thing, and just like Martha we, too, can make what appear to be good decisions at the time that end up turning out not to be the very best for us or our loved ones.

Early on, I had a really hard time saying “no.” If there were any way I could do what was asked, I would do my utmost to do it, simply because I found it too hard to tell them I couldn’t. The problem was that I would do what was asked often at the expense of my family. My time with my family or even my own free time for myself was sacrificed and what time was left wasn’t the best quality, for I was usually too tired by then.

I think working moms have it the toughest because they are forever being pulled by the demands of husband, children and jobs. Add to that school demands, social events and so forth and you can quickly feel like you are juggling too many balls in the air, just waiting for them all to come crashing down.

In our quest to choose what’s best, we need to start viewing our lives as on a scale knowing that a lot of little “good things” can often out-weigh “the best” and that each choice we agree to make may mean something else will be sacrificed.

The weightiest things should be the things we value most in our lives, things we wouldn’t give up for anything.

1.)    Our relationship with our Lord needs to be first! The very first commandment is “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind.” Luke 10:27. Our God is a God of order and if our lives are chaotic that can be a sign that we need more of Him in our lives. If we will give Him precedence in our lives and turn our schedules over to Him, we may find the rest of our day falling into place. (Hopefully I can write more on this later:)


2.)    Husbands, for we are one. We are to love one another as we love ourselves. Ladies, your relationship with your husband comes before your relationship with your children. It is so important to elevate your relationship with your husband over your relationship with your children, and when you’ve got young, needy children, it’s not an easy thing to do, but first you’re a wife, and then you’re a mother. I’ve seen too many wives put their children above their husbands, in terms of their priorities, and end up without a relationship with their husbands when their children are gone. The best thing you can do for your children is to love their daddy!


3.)    Our children come next, hands down. It’s all about quality and quantity time when it comes to all three of these areas.


After these three, everyone’s life is different. You can fit in work, volunteer service, extended family members, errands, chores, television, computer time, etc. There are many good choices that we need to make sure aren’t given a higher value than they should be.


I will leave you with one way to view your time with the top three. I always look at my time spent with God, husband and children as an investment in the future. The sacrifices of time spent today will always pay great dividends later on. Consider your time with the top three as investing in your future and shoot for gold!






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  1. Thanks so much Sue for this post. I am going to pass this along to all my daughter-in-law’s. Just wish someone had passed this to me when I was young.

  2. Happy to help Sandy! 🙂 Someone actually did pass this advice on to me when our kids were little and it made all the difference in our family!!

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