Bathsheba ~ “One little ewe lamb”

Of all David’s many wives, Bathsheba is perhaps the best known. Her life intersects with King David’s during the most tragic time in his history. She’s the last of the women in David’s life that we’ll meet this semester here at Women in the Word. If you desire to join the discussion over at our closed facebook group page or to learn more about our study, all the info you need is here. Because we study one woman a week, it’s never too late to join us!

Psalm 51As we wrap up our study on the wives of David, I couldn’t keep from reflecting on the circumstances surrounding these marriages. David saw the advantage of being the son-in-law of King Saul, so Michal became his first wife. While on the run and separated from Michal, David encountered Abigail, a women who kept him from making a wrong choice. He saw a woman of wisdom and discernment and chose to make her his wife once her husband died. And we learn from our text this week that David was walking on his roof and saw a woman bathing, a very beautiful woman. Some say that Bathsheba was a seductress. You be the judge of that as we look at her life this week. The Scriptures don’t reveal much to us outrightly about her character but as we dig into David’s story we’ll discover Bathsheba’s. Come and discover how circumstances beyond our control can end in ways that we can hardly imagine but for the grace of God.

 →This week’s memory verse is  Psalm 51:1,2,4a

→ We’ll be reading about Bathsheba in 1 Samuel 11-12:25 and 1 Kings 1 and 2

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