An ‘M & M’ Extra…..

I know. I know. It’s not Monday yet.  Don’t worry I’m not sharing another verse. But I did have something to share about the two verses we have memorized thus far and it really would have made for a lengthy post on Monday, so I’m here with an extra.

 The last two weeks our verses have been focused on our speech and our attitudes. Both verses have instructed us on what not to do.  The first specifically states not to speak words that are corrupting and the second infers that we are not to complain as we do all things. What struck me is that in each the Lord has shown us why we shouldn’t be doing these things.  As our Father, He gives us instruction and at the same time shows us how to better parent. When you were young, I’m sure you were probably told not to do something and you asked why not.  The response you received back on occasion was ‘because I said so.’ You’ve probably said those words yourself.  How much more effective it is if when we receive instruction we understand the whys behind it!  Our Father could have just said through Paul, “Let no corrupting talk come from your mouths” or “ Do all things without complaining or disputing.” But He chose not to stop there. It really would have been enough.  He is Lord. He said it. We’re to obey. But He wants us to know why. He wants us to know that He says not to do things for our own good not just because He said so.  He wants us to know the whys because He loves us and wants what’s best for our lives. And what’s best often contains a don’t or a no.

 Let’s take a quick look at our verses.  Why shouldn’t we use what Paul termed ‘corrupting talk’? It doesn’t build others up. It doesn’t bring grace to those who hear them. Sometimes in anger or selfishness we would like to speak what is on our mind or should I say what’s in our hearts. But those words would affect our relationships for the worse. Who really wants to do that?  In obeying the “negative” command, change comes to our hearts and we become more like Christ and our relationships prosper.

 What about our verse from Philippians? Why shouldn’t we complain about the things we’re called to do? It blemishes our witness in the world. How can we bring glory to our Lord when we behave as those of this world do?  He wants us to bring Him glory and has instilled that desire within us. He’s telling us what not to do so that we can glorify Him.

 When I think that not speaking corrupting words will prosper my relationships and not complaining will cause me to shine like a light and glorify our Father, I want to run in the way of His commands.  How about you?  When I see the manner in which my heavenly Father instructs me by showing me why He’s commanding me to do what He says, it causes me to see how He desires we instruct or disciple the children in our lives. He wants us to help them understand the whys that come from a loving Father so they too will run in the way of His commands. And that we can do only as we abide in Him.  See you Monday!

2 thoughts on “An ‘M & M’ Extra…..

  1. Thank you for this Pam! I really needed the reminder especially this morning when I was informed that my car engine is blown. How easy it would be to complain about yet another “trial” in my life. Yet, I prayed just before reading your M&M extra, “Lord, show me how I can bring glory to you through this situation.” Then I read your post and these words which certainly are from God to me “When I think that not speaking corrupting words will prosper my relationships and not complaining will cause me to shine like a light and glorify our Father, I want to run in the way of His commands.”

    • It is so neat to see how the Lord uses His Word in all our lives as we soak it in and memorize it. You are truly shining as a light to those around you as you abide in Him through each trial. Above all else, our relationship with our Father prospers as we walk in obedience to His commands. He has shown me that clearly these last days! Thanks for sharing, Laura!

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