A Christmas Cookie Recipe Exchange!!

Hey Everyone!!

One event we always looked forward to at Christmas time is a Christmas Cookie Exchange and we’ll be writing more on that in the coming weeks. Until then we thought it would be neat to host a

Christmas Cookie Recipe Exchange!!

I’ve asked our writers to share their favorite Christmas Cookie Recipe with you, and we’re busy compiling them to share with you during the month of December leading up to Christmas,

but we also thought it would be really neat if you would also share your favorite cookie recipe with us as well!! We could actually receive some recipes from all over the world!!

If you would like to share your favorite recipe with everyone, and we hope you will, please email the recipe to [email protected].

We will need your complete recipe,

Your name,

And a picture attached would be great, but not necessary.

We also hope you will share with us why this recipe is your favorite!!

Thank you all in advance! I can’t wait to collect & post all these recipes!!

‘Til then, sue



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